FPA offers Telehealth services for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We encourage face-to-face visits for most issues, so that your provider can physically examine you and do any labwork necessary.   However, we understand that patients may have safety concerns and might want a telehealth visit.  Not all visits may be appropriate for telehealth.


For Telehealth, follow these steps:

1. IMPORTANT:   FPA requires that patients requesting a Telehealth appointment already have an active FollowMyHealth patient portal account OR sign up for a FollowMyHealth (FMH) patient portal.  The FMH patient portal is the best option for a private, secure telehealth visit with your FPA provider.


– Go to our patient portal page at  Helpful instructions, videos and support information are located on this FPA website page.   Click on the green Patient Login button to sign up or click this link:


2. Schedule a Telehealth visit with one of our providers by calling (859) 278-5007 or go to our online scheduling link at:    You MUST have a SCHEDULED TELEHEALTH visit with an FPA provider.


3. Approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled video appointment, you will be notified through your FollowMyHealth patient portal to begin your telehealth video visit.  Follow the prompts & instructions to join. Make sure you do not have your notifications turned off in your FMH account settings.


4. Your computer or phone will need a working camera and microphone turned on/allowed.  Most smartphones will work.  Your phone will need to be on a WiFi connection, otherwise, video will not work well.


5. Insurance will be billed, so copays & coinsurances will be applied by the insurance company and billed after insurance processes the claim.  Most insurances have said that they will cover a Telehealth visit as a regular visit during this crisis, however that is not necessarily a guarantee.




If you have any issues with signing up for FollowMyHealth, refer to the support documents and training videos on our patient portal page.  If you still need assistance, you can contact FollowMyHealth at or 1 (888) 670-9775.