Virtual Visits

We now have six providers doing Virtual Visits:   Dr. Amanda Foxx, Dr. Jeff Foxx, Dr. Hayslip, Dr. Henkel, Dr. Johnson & Dr. Monohan. You must have seen one of these providers in the past to be eligible.

Conditions include cold/allergies, cold sores, bladder infections, earache, skin conditions, sore throat, vaginal problems, vomiting/diarrhea. With an e-visit, you will be asked questions electronically, and your provider may possibly be able to treat you without an office visit.

Insurance does not cover this service and the charge is currently $35.00. To start a virtual visit, go to your patient portal, select “Appointments,” then “Start Email Visit.”  Response time will be within 1-2 business days, but no responses will be done on Sat or Sun. As always, please call 911 for emergencies or contact our office for any other conditions.

To start a virtual visit, log into your FMH Patient Portal.  On the right hand side of the home page, you will see a button to Start an Email Visit, if your provider is providing this service.