Patient Portal

Follow My Health

Follow My Health (FMH).  FMH makes it easier for you to communicate with your provider and to get test results quicker!  Our FMH portal provides easy access through your existing Google, Yahoo or Facebook account, so you don’t have to remember additional passwords.  Don’t worry though because FMH is very secure.  Accessing FMH through your Facebook account does NOT post anything to Facebook or allow access to any users except you.

Walk Through Documents –

    • Proxy Instructions –  Please click for instructions on how to set up a Follow My Health proxy account for your children or dependents.
    • “Troubleshoot – No Info Showing” –  Please click here for support information if your FMH account is not showing your health information. 

Follow My Health Introduction Video

Other great features include:

  • 24/7 online access from any computer, smartphone, or tablet
  • Free app from app store
  • Request Appointments and Prescription Refills online
  • View lab and test results online
  • Send and receive secure messages from your provider and our office staff
  • Option to receive reminders and notifications via text message
  • Maximum security to protect patient information
  • Existing Account: If you have signed up for FollowMyHealth already and have an account, click the Log In button.
  • E-mail Invitation: If you received an e-mail invitation from FPA regarding the portal, please follow the instructions and links from the e-mail to sign up for FollowMyHealth.  You may need to check your junk mail folder for an invitation from .
  • New Account: After clicking the Log In button above, you can click the Create a New Account button to create your FMH account.


Instructions for Prescription Renewals:   Login to FollowMyHealth with your active account.  Click the “My Health” tab then click the “Medications” tab.  Find the medication that you need to refill and click the Pill Bottle icon to send us refill request.  If the pill bottle icon is not active, then you can send us a general message by clicking “Send Message” at the top of the page.

Privacy reminder: The FollowMyHealth portal will contain your private health information so please be sure not to share your logon and password to your online portal.


If you have any issues with signing up for FollowMyHealth, refer to the support documents and training videos at the top of this page.  If you still need assistance, you can contact us at or (859) 278-5007.