What You Already Know

What You Already Know

It’s a new year! Of the many new years I have seen, I think I may be happiest about this one at least in terms of hoping that the new one will top the last one. 2020 was tough for most everyone and my hopes and prayers are that 2021 will be an upgrade for us all. I also know that the turning of the calendar and even the end of the pandemic will not be enough if we are unwilling to do our parts in making our lives and mental health better.

Look. I know I’m a trained and experienced mental health practitioner but that really means nothing in the long run. The simple truth for almost everyone is essentially the same. We have always known the things that we need to do to make this coming year a better year. The better question is are we willing to implement what we know. Even the famous Paul from the bible says, “I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”

What I can offer from my experience is a short list of some of the common changes that have helped the people I have worked with over the years. These may not all fit you but I’ll bet there is one that might make a difference if you would take it to heart. So, take a look at my little list and consider the possibility that making just one of these changes might make your 2021 a noticeably better year.


– Drink less alcohol

– Eat healthier food

– Create a morning routine

– Commit to getting an optimal amount of sleep

– Exercise regularly

– Reach out to someone you feel estranged from

– Be more open and vulnerable with your spouse or partner

– Spend more time outdoors

– Become more involved with your religion or spiritual practices

– Forgive someone

– Create better boundaries in an unhealthy relationship

– Get a physical

– See a therapist

– Create a budget

– Spend less time with your electronics


There are lots more but I know you get the idea. Take the challenge. Pick one – just one. Which one? You know which one. I know you do.