• 07 FEB 18
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    This is SO Important

    This is SO Important

    I have written about this topic specifically. I have also referred to it in a high percentage of my other blogs. I see the damage done every day. I see the broken relationships and the life altering consequences. This is SO important.

    The last time you had a big fight with your husband, wife, significant other, or close family member did either or both of you have any alcohol before, during, or immediately after? The last time you were really stressed at work, did you feel an almost overwhelming urge to get home and have a “few” drinks? The last time you went out for drinks with your friends, did you have more than three drinks in three hours? Have you ever gotten so focused on drinking that you have missed an important moment for someone you love or not been there when she or he perhaps needed you most? Do you sometimes make excuses for drinking heavily? Do you sometimes not drink for days just to justify deserving a day of very heavy drinking? Do you ever conceal from someone who cares for you how much you drink? Are you socially involved with a group that seems to depend on alcohol consumption as a necessary element of enjoyment? Have you ever looked back and realized that you were more impaired than you realized in a moment or were willing to admit? Do you ever drink alcohol to get over a hangover? Do you organize your schedule around alcohol? Is it taking more and more alcohol to achieve that state of mind you are seeking than it used to? If you were honest with them, would there be people in your life who might be concerned about how much you drink?

    Here is the real kicker. You don’t have to answer yes to all of these questions to need to take a hard look at your drinking choices. One yes could be more than enough. I am not telling you that you are an alcoholic if you have some affirmatives to the above questions. I am not saying you are a bad, weak, or immoral person if you feel some of these describe you a little too well. It’s not the people you love who cause you to hide your drinking choices. The shame associated with your drinking choices is from the alcohol itself. It’s telling you, “Don’t think about your drinking choices and certainly don’t talk about your drinking choices. It’s no one else’s business. You got this.”

    Please, don’t listen to it. It’s a liar and does not have your best interests at heart. This is SO important.

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