Reminder for Social Isolation

Reminder for Social Isolation

I wrote a blog several years ago about this but I thought with the Covid-19 pandemic causing so many to stay at home and trying to shelter in, I might offer this reminder. The reminder is about what I call the two R’s. These are two things which, as a very general rule, are helpful for almost everyone and probably need to be considered even more important during this strange time. The two R’s are rest and routine.

We know that these are important things for children. If yours are at home now with you, I know you are working hard to create both for your kids. I also learned years ago at a really good seminar how important they also are for people with some difficult mood disorders like bi-polar disorder. As I have reflected on this over the years, I came to the conclusion that not only are they good things for children and those with mood disorders but are really basic to functioning for everyone. You know this is true but you also know that lots of people know what to do but don’t always follow through so well. Let this reminder help move you in a more intentional and healthy direction.

Rest is so important but it’s about finding the proper amount of rest for yourself. Many people in stressful times struggle with not being able to sleep and many others find that they tend toward sleeping too much. You have to know you and what the healthiest amount of rest is for you and intentionally strive toward that. That might mean taking a nap during the day and that might mean intentionally not taking a nap during the day. You know that sleeping too much in the daytime can lead to insomnia at night as well as representing the onset of an anxious and/or depressed mood.

Routine is also important. During your regular life, the routines may already be imposed on you but at a time like this which is so off script, you may have to be more intentional about creating a sense of routine for yourself. I’m not talking about filling up every waking moment of every day as much as a sense of the things you need to get to and the regular practices that help. Make sure you build in time for exercise, spiritual practices, healthy eating habits, play, connecting (wisely) with those who are in your support group, and mental stimulation.

There is nothing I can tell you that is going to make this strange and scary time easy but I really do believe that if you are more intentional about the two R’s for your life, it might make the days a little healthier and more functional. I sure hope so. Stay safe. Stay smart. Stay healthy