Do the Right Thing

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Do the Right Thing

In 1983, Family Practice Associates was founded by Dr. Jeffery Foxx and it has grown into one of the largest and most well respected medical family practice groups in the state. Over those years there have been great partners and others added to the practice but even those were guided directly or indirectly by the influence of Dr. Foxx’s motto – do the right thing. We all know it’s so much easier to say than to do sometimes but I can tell you that is exactly what Dr. Foxx works hard to live up to every day.

Here at the beginning of his retirement, I thought I’d share some thoughts about him and his motto not because my stories are rare but because I know there are literally hundreds of others who could share their own but don’t have a forum to do so. My perspective is a little unique in that I know him as my friend as well as my doctor and my boss. I could write about how he caught my leukemia in a routine office visit or how he envisioned having a mental health provider in his practice long before other practices began doing the same or how he has influenced people as a Sunday School teacher. But in my years of knowing him, one story sums up to me the very essence of what is meant by “do the right thing”.

Long before I joined FPA, I knew Jeff Foxx through church. We became friends and I also learned from many others that he was very respected as a medical provider. So in 1991, when my wife and I were expecting our first child, I asked Jeff if he would be willing to be my son’s doctor as I know family practice physicians are providers for people across the full life span. He agreed to do so.

As timing would have it, Kim went into labor and delivered Morgan on Christmas Eve that year about 5 in the afternoon. The next morning, Christmas morning at about 6:30 a.m., Dr. Foxx walked into my wife’s hospital room to meet and do an initial evaluation on my son. He was dressed in a suit, vest, and tie and looked like he was coming from a holiday party. At home was his own toddler (baby Amanda aka Dr. Foxx!) waiting for Santa, I’m sure. We had no expectation that he would even come see us on that first day, let alone at the crack of dawn but you know what? He believed it was the right thing and therefore it is what he did. I can tell you that neither my wife nor I will ever forget this wonderful gesture at that precious time.

This story and all those others have been so influential to me as a person and provider. Though it is often difficult or inconvenient to do right things, I have his example to encourage me. I know this is also true for all his friends and family and for the medical practice that he started all those years ago. I hope here in the new year, you might also be influenced to take up the cause of doing the right thing. You never know when doing so will change someone for the better.