A Critical Opportunity

A Critical Opportunity

I have talked to a lot of people over the years in the therapy room and many of them, I’d say a big majority, were in what they would label as a time of crisis. A crisis is be created by a state or situation a person is caught up in combined with how that person experiences that state or situation. That is, you can put two people in the same sort of environment and one might think “no big deal” while the other is totally knocked back on their heels.

Well, it’s no shock to anyone that MANY people are in a state of crisis right now with the coming of this global pandemic and the widespread effects thereof. Some are in a medical crisis by either actually battling the disease or living in fear that they or a loved one will. Along with this, many have been knocked into an economic crisis because of the consequences of the widespread efforts to combat the spread of the disease. Some are missing important events that they had looked forward to for years and many are quarantined alone or are stuck alone with a person with whom they have a poor relationship. For many, the constant barrage of discouraging and sad news is wearing away at their resilience. This crisis takes many forms for many people.

In an effort to help you cope, allow me to shift the focus just a little. I’ll never say nor should you believe I am implying that this is a good thing or that I’m glad we are going through it. Nothing could be further from the truth. But we are here and this is what we are experiencing and I would like to offer the possibilities of some meaning making. Humans are uniquely able to do this. That is, we are able to look at the same thing in different ways, and as long as we are here, why not look for the opportunities that may have been made available to us in this time of crisis.

Maybe you are getting an opportunity to spend more time with your family. Maybe you have the opportunity right now to focus more on your physical health. Maybe you have been able to connect more deeply with your faith and faith tradition. Maybe you are able in some moments to see the world and the renewal of spring in a fresh way. Maybe if nothing else you have grown to appreciate the gifts of your “normal” life and will live that life more fully when you are able to return to it. You’ll have to discover what your opportunities are but to discover them, you have to look for them.

Again, I’m not glad this is where we are and I certainly agree that the sooner we get past it the better. In the meantime though, you might find the time we are here to be more tolerable if you can devote at least some attention to the opportunities that may be found. Search for those little moments of gratitude along the way and if you do, you’ll find the journey to be at least a bit easier to bear. Finally, remember that if talking to a professional might be helpful, I and many others like me would love nothing more than the chance to sit with you (via telehealth), listen to you, and maybe even guide you through to that healthier and more hopeful perspective.